How To Get Started

How to Get Started

The AAPLConnect Online Communities are made available by the American Association of Professional Landmen as a service to land professionals and those associated with landwork relating to the mineral and/or energy industries. The Online Communities consist of forums to share ideas and to support professional connections, events, milestones and obituaries. Please keep in mind that postings should be professional in nature and should not be defamatory, malicious or threatening. The Online Communities are not intended as forums for commercial transactions such as the buying or selling of mineral and other oil and gas interests. Use discussion postings to ask a question and have a conversation with industry peers. Comment on other members posts and keep the discussion going. All postings represent the view of the author(s). Postings in the AAPLConnect Online Communities neither imply AAPL approval of the opinions expressed nor accuracy of the facts stated. AAPL is not responsible for the opinions and accuracy of the information posted.

Follow our step-by-step instructions below to get up and running on AAPLConnect and collaborating with your peers.


To Join/Login to your AAPL online community profile, visit and login using your credentials from to follow the next steps. If you do not have an account already you can create one on

Update your profile and add a profile picture to make network connections and be recognized among your peers. This can be done easily by importing information from your LinkedIn profile and you can change your privacy preferences to share or hide any part of your profile. The more you share, the more connections you will make.

Communities/Discussion Groups/Blogs
To access the Online Communities, once you login, use the “Communities” tab in the top toolbar and select “All Communities” from the dropdown menu to see which community might be a good fit for you to join. Start a discussion, and Read a blog or post one of your own. Use discussions to ask a question and have a conversation with your peers. Comment on other members posts and keep the discussion going. Blogs are used to share your opinion about a topic of interest or an idea.

Manage your discussion group subscriptions to get email notifications when YOU want them. You can choose between daily digest (recommended), real-time notifications and no email notifications.

Find a contact to connect with and add them to your own personal network – a great way to share with your friends or colleagues.

Upload and share resources with other community members.  This is where you can upload documents to share with others.

If you have any questions or would like help with your profile, please email and we will do our best to get you started. 

We are excited for this new opportunity to help AAPL members and committee members connect and share ideas.  Thank you for your support and involvement in AAPL!