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Diamond Resources, Co.


My background includes many different facets of the Petroleum Landman. I’ve done everything from creating multiple types of ownership and leasehold reports, to lease acquisition and curative. I have worked almost exclusively for the same brokerage for the last nine years as one of their “do-it-all” Field Landmen, and have experience in several states/counties. I am extremely proficient in Colorado title, spending nearly half of my Landman career in Weld and surrounding counties as the project leader for a major prospect. I have experience leasing mineral rights and negotiating surface rights for Right of Way necessary to implement oil and gas well infrastructure. I have also completed the Education and passed the Exam for a Colorado Real Estate License.

I am highly committed, tenacious, and a resilient self-starter who has been able to produce and perform at a very high level under virtually no supervision. I am able to quickly understand a client’s needs, and then organize resources to satisfy their requirements. On a personal level I am open to any situation that is challenging and which tests my abilities. With my work colleagues I have a reputation as being a fast learner who is dependable, organized, and computer savvy.