Santos Dominguez

JD Minerals and JDMI, LLC

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Set-up and maintain ownership records. Ability to analyze and interpret leases, deeds, contracts, division order title opinions. Reviewing title opinions for accuracy and Team with accounting to verify joint billing operations agreements, JIB/Revenue, Royalty Interest, Non Participating Royalty, Overriding Royalty, Working Interest.  Handle all oil and gas land principles including lease agreements. Create title for Mineral ownership reports from Sovereignty to present in all RI, OR, NPRI, WI, acquisitions. Review conveyance and probate documents for working and mineral ownership changes; Update Review lease agreements for exemptions. Find resolution for suspense accounts by curing title defects. Respond to inquiries from mineral owners, title attorneys and staff regarding interests. Obtains necessary information for lease and contract set up in land system. Maintaining ownership records for persons legally entitled to the production.