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Hyland Abstracting, LLC


Being self-driven, dedicated and passionate about my profession, each new project is backed by a strong professional work ethic.

Since 2005 my purpose has been to provide the Energy and Petroleum client with accurate, efficient, comprehensive abstracts of title verifying fee, leasehold and mineral ownerships within the projected prospect and to respect fellow co-workers by being a team player as we all work together to accomplish the projected target.

These comprehensive abstracts comprise of abstractor’s notes, title analysis, lease analysis, a mineral ownership opinion, an index of supporting documents, the supporting documents, a list of indices, time periods and names run, a colored/hatched map of the targeted tract, a flowchart reflecting chain of fee title, an affidavit of use and possession, tax certificates and other documentation to support my opinion.

Lease Checks
Lease Title
Abstracts of Title
Mineral Ownership Reports
Due Diligence
Working Interest Reports