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  • Posted on behalf of David Cape, CPL AAPL's Executive Vice President, Melanie Bell, has announced she will retire by year-end 2019. AAPL is now accepting applications for the executive vice president position. The executive vice president is responsible ...

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  • Trying to find for granddaughter how her grandfather might have acquired a mineral/royalty interest in Howard Co. TX Nothing of record in courthouse. We don't know the description, but a "hustler" has made an offer on this unknown "fathom" interest. ...

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    RE: Milam County

    Many thanks for the information and reply's Grant F. Rice ------------------------------ Grant Rice Gasper Rice Resources LTD Houston TX (281) 381-6000 ------------------------------

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    Tax Filing Software

    I own a single employee S Corp LLC which I use for my oil and gas land services. I receive a 1099 from my clients and pay myself a salary. I receive a W-2 from the LLC. The LLC is a pass through entity so the income is entered on the 1040 which my wife ...

  • Check Mineral Right Forum and other blogs for your area. ------------------------------ James Pennington RPL Independent Nacogdoches TX (936) 546-1088 ------------------------------