• 1.  Letter to the President

    Posted 02-24-2021 11:32
    To Thomas Costell, you are spot on with your letter getting people involved to stop the insanity that is out there against our business.  Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was one of the signers of the DAPL letter, along with his fiancé (an actress-her name escapes me).  I read those two had to travel by private jet as they did not want the press to know of their relationship prior to their announcement! 

    In regard to DAPL, never any news about the state of ND spending $32 million dollars to clean up the mess left by the "Protectors of the Water" or whatever they call themselves.  The state removed 277 semi loads of trash from the site!  That doesn't fit the narrative of main stream news.

    Tom Lander