Petroleum Landman Job site ....

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    Posted 15 days ago
    Is this the entity of AAPL that posts new job listings in our industry or is it one of their other sites?

    It's unbelievable that oil is over $60.00/barrel, we are in the best economy in America's history, in one of the largest industries in the world and 20 year plus experienced landmen, with impeccable references, can't find work. (Ok, got that off my chest.)

    Anyway, is this the only AAPL site to watch for positions in our industry?

    Thanks so much.

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    Posted 14 days ago
    Hi Russell, is a good source.  It asks for a yearly subscription - I think it's $10 or so.

    Good luck!

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    Posted 8 days ago


    Please see the link and comments provided below regarding your Landman job search.

    From my experience, the Industry Job Boards are not as effective as the Job Search Engine Sites, which are more productive to landing an interview because they are filtered by job posting date. Applying through these sites allows you to get your resume on top of the competition. Some of these even give landman test to evaluate your skills.

    I've had the most luck finding Landman jobs with Zip Recruiter and Indeed. Linked-In is another good one. However, it's also a good idea to google: "Landman Jobs_City, State". Finally, it's good to network within the AAPL and local associations to create contacts. NAPE is a great place for an ice breaker.

    Ten Best Job Sites

    Good Luck!


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