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    Posted 03-03-2021 12:16
    Edited by Lyndsey Callahan 03-03-2021 12:15
    Here's a reminder that Maven is still hiring mineral buyers. Old our post is listed below - please go to the AAPL Career Center for more details!!!!

    Maven Royalty Partners ("MRP") is a premier mineral and royalty acquisition company that operates throughout the continental U.S. The Agent role involves working closely with the Maven team to identify and engage with mineral owners in specific areas and acquire their minerals and/or royalty. Agents will work closely with the company sourcing deals and ultimately closing transactions.
    MRP has the capital to close transactions without having to rely on "flipping" deals or selling to another group. All transactions will be for Maven's own fund, which is important as a lot of outfits do not have capital to close deals and are relying on another company (like Maven) to actually close the transaction.

    Responsibilities and Duties
    • Professionally represent company as an independent purchasing/acquisition agent
    • Directly contact mineral owners from company provided leads
    • Provide price guidance to potential sellers and negotiate transactions
    • Work with Maven team to coordinate deal closings
    • Update company CRM database with all activity related to leads, including mineral owners contacted, and status of negotiations
    Qualifications and Skills
    • Previous experience in sales, real estate, and/or oil and gas related work
    • Familiarity with CRM platforms (preferably Salesforce) and/or ability to learn and establish proficiency
    • Strong negotiation and communication skills (written and oral)
    • Comfortable cold calling and actively making calls
    • Capable using Microsoft Office applications including word and excel
    • Entrepreneurial and highly motivated
    • Ability to work independently
    Please apply here.

    Ian Doiron
    Shreveport LA
    (318) 698-0060