Nationwide invitation for AAPL Speakers

  • 1.  Nationwide invitation for AAPL Speakers

    Posted 10-08-2019 15:36
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    Invitation for AAPL Speakers

    AAPL is currently seeking additional speakers to deliver the RPL/CPL Review curriculum nationwide. The speaker will introduce and review concepts tested for both the RPL and CPL Exams. This review is 3 days, as follows:

    Day One Material: Real Property Law, Land Descriptions, Contract Law, Conveyancing, Interest Calculations, Oil & Gas Lease, Ethics
    Day Two Material: Pooling, Joint Operating Agreement, Well Trades, Negotiations
    Day Three Material: Federal Onshore, Environmental, Offshore/OCS, Mineral Landwork, Federal Taxes on Oil & Gas, GIS

    Seminar Overview & Schedule

    It is important to note that each day requires 8 hours of presentation. We are not looking for one person to teach all three days, but one or more people for each day, depending on exhibited expertise.


    AAPL has prepared slides for each day's presentation, covering all material you will be responsible to go over with your audience. It is important that all slides are discussed and the presenter answer questions from those in the review within the timeframe allowed. Speakers are not responsible for providing material to review, but must be able to present the material that AAPL provides and stay on track to get all topics covered.

    Those attending the review will ask questions for clarification on topics discussed, so extensive and working knowledge of landwork is essential.


    AAPL pays speakers $2400.00 per day for their time and expertise for these reviews. This fee is paid for the one day of speaking, but please keep in mind that there are generally two additional days of travel (one day getting to the event and one day traveling home from the event). In addition, AAPL is responsible for booking the lodging for the speaker at the host hotel, or closest hotel to the location of the event. AAPL reimburses the following: hotel expense, airfare (coach), rental car or Uber/taxi, mileage to and from airport (current IRS rate), baggage fees and meals. All reimbursements require receipts and are paid within 30 days of submitting.


    "The course was just very helpful in general…I definitely would've failed without the course." - William 

    "All topics [from the Oil and Gas Land Review] were needed and valued." - Cynthia 

    "It was a great refresher for me." - Michael 


    The RPL/CPL reviews are scheduled a minimum of 6 months in advance, and it is extremely important that you are committed to giving the reviews. The seminars will be divided among the speaker pool. If you select a time to present, you must make it your top priority to commit to the event. Members rely on you and canceling your commitment may be cause to remove you as a speaker. In the event of an emergency, cancellations are expected.

    Once speakers are identified, you will attend a minimum of two reviews to shadow one or more of our current speakers. After completion, your first review will have one of the experienced speakers present to assist should it be needed. All attendees take a survey at the end of the session to give feedback and those surveys are provided to the speaker so they can identify areas of improvement.


    @  Have maintained a CPL designation

    @  Have a minimum of 15 years experience

    @  Be able to meet a commitment of at least 3 education sessions throughout the year (usually requires a travel day, an instructional day and a return travel day).

    @  Be able to adhere to the materials provided by AAPL and provide instruction over a single eight-hour period

    Thank you for your time and consideration for this role. Please submit your application for review by Friday, November 1, 2019.