Creation of Citizens Initiarted Zoning District

  • 1.  Creation of Citizens Initiarted Zoning District

    Posted 02-02-2021 12:54

    Hello fellow Landman:


    It feels like our industry is under serious attack. I am writing to you all in hopes that you may be able to join the zoom meeting in support of opposing this zoning issue. The folks along the Beartooth front have initiated the creation of a zoning district so that they will be able to dictate the development of Oil & Gas in this area. It has never been done in Montana and we do not want this in our area. They are basically trying to weed out the mineral owners and shut out any and all oil and gas development. This zoning will set a precedence for the rest of the state and region.


    Please join our zoom meeting for the hearing tomorrow at 10a.m. MST.


    Attached is the flyer for this hearing and we need all the support we can get. They plan on overloading the meeting with their support and I hope we can do the same.



    Thanks in advance for all support you all can muster.


    Patrick J Padon

    Independent Landman

    74 Dolan Ln.

    Columbus, MT 59019

    (406) 318-0868 (home/office)

    (406) 671-3777 (cell)

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