Tribute to Mark Hunsberger, Landman Extrordinaire

  • 1.  Tribute to Mark Hunsberger, Landman Extrordinaire

    Posted 01-20-2020 14:48
    Mark Hunsberger, was without question, one of the best title Landmen in our business.
    Mark was quite an accomplished auto salesman when he married his wife in 1977. His newly acquired father in law, Joe Snider, was an established independent geologist generating prospects. The story goes, that Joe didn't think too highly about "car salesmen" and called on his friend and top land broker, Carlisle Fleetwood to train Mark to be a Landman.
    Mark found he had a strong aptitude for being a Landman. He was passionate about his work and had a great work ethic. He loved all parts of his profession. He loved to clock himself for his best time to and from the courthouse. His knowledge in math, computers, and sales made him the quintessential Landman.
    Mark was diagnosed with a severe heart problem which required a transplant. Mark entered Cedar Sinai in mid-November and succumbed on New Year's Eve.
    I consider myself lucky to have been one of Mark's good friends as many in our business did.
    Mark was very spiritual and leaves Judy, his wife, and their 15 year old daughter, Cate.
    Please remember them in your prayers.