Letter to Interior Secretary

  • 1.  Letter to Interior Secretary

    Posted 28 days ago

    Excellent letter from AAPL President to the Interior Secretary. Thank you. 

    Mike Walters

    Michael Walters
    Consulting Landman
    Missouri City TX
    (281) 435-2713

  • 2.  RE: Letter to Interior Secretary

    Posted 24 days ago
    We are featuring Les's letter on the CAPL website given the North American nature of the reverberations felt by this backward policy. Canadians have been under this kind of backwardness for 6 years now. Just now the minority duo of the Prime Minister Liberals and the NDP defeated the motion to open the West Coast to oil tankers - currently under a ban. This has implications for the TransMountain pipeline, and  future business for all of us.  

    Larry Buzan

    Larry Buzan, P. Land, CAPL Past President
    BUZANLC Consulting Ltd.