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  • Posted in: Landnews

    Following please find highlights from the AAPL Governmental Affairs Weekly Report for the week of June 18, 2018. The full report is attached to this post. Please note: Due to AAPL Annual Meeting there is no report next week. The next report will be ...

  • Posted in: Landnews

    Please reply directly to the email address listed below. If you click "Reply to Group" the sender will not receive your message. Ladies and Gentlemen:   Peregrine Petroleum Partners, Ltd. is looking to add an in-house Landman to its staff. ...

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    Posted in: Oklahoma Landmen

    Great idea, especially for me! I was a landman for over 8 years, working mostly in Texas (but other states as well). I gave it up when my father started needing help due to a medical condition. So, I have been out of the business for about 5 years, ...


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