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  • Most Illinois counties do not tax non-producing mineral. ------------------------------ Ryan Kopp, RPL Bethany, WV 304-829-6029 ------------------------------

  • Does anyone have any experience with outsourcing petroleum land related data entry to India? Or does anyone have knowledge of offshore companies that do this? ------------------------------ David Cullen Bordes Houston (832) 973-2920 ------------------------------

  • Rooks and Thomas Counties in Kansas tax severed non producing minerals. ------------------------------ John Grover Landman Andover KS (316) 209-7525 ------------------------------

  • Lincoln County, Colorado also taxes severed non-producing mineral interest. JUSTIN D. CARPENTER, CPL RSOLUTIONS, INC. 7702 South Washington Stillwater, OK 74074 (405) 880-4246 ...

  • Sounds like you are describing North Dakota. Jim Wilson 830-385-6096 Cell ------Original Message------ ​I believe the answer is Arkansas. I seem to remember that there were mineral confiscations back ...


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